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Site Investigations by Local Engineers

  • Soil Site Classification Reports (Soil Testing, Soil Reports)
  • Site Features (Levels and Surveys)
  • Land Capabilty Assessments for On-site Wastewater Management (LCA)
  • Contaminated Site Assessments (Fill and Contamination Testing, Contamination Reports)
  • Bushfire Management Statements (BMS)
  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessments (BAL)

Building Structures Design by Structural Engineers

  • Footing Systems, Raft Slab Design
  • Building Floor, Wall and Roof Framing Design
  • Sub-floor Framing System Design
  • Building Lateral Stability (Bracing)
  • Portal Frame Design
  • Beams, Lintels, Columns and Bracing Design
  • Retaining Wall Design

Building Civil Works Design by Civil Engineers

  • Earthworks Design
  • Stormwater Drainage Design
  • Industrial Pavement Design
  • Stormwater Detention, Harvesting and Water Sensitive Urban Design
  • Site Layout and Levels Design
  • Building Site Services Design

Building Movement Review by Chartered Professional Engineers

  • Building Damage and Defect Investigations
  • Building Existing Condition Assessments
  • Project Design and Management
  • Expert Building Reports
  • Building Works Inspections

Project Consultants

  • New Buildings
  • Extensions
  • Alterations and Additions
  • Residential Developments, Multi-Units
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Call us to discuss all aspects of your project


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